Sep 17, 2009

Creativity =/= fun?

Creativity used to be a fun hobby.

But being creative full-time, under the restraint of briefs and everchanging teachers' opinions; being forced to create in a certain way, at certain angles, about certain things irrespective of your own strengths and interests, can get very draining very quickly.
Ambition and novelty can get you through the first semester, but they won't carry you for three years.
So you tend to be drained at the end of a day and not even remotely interested in pursuing all those things you thought you were put on this earth to pursue.
So you either find your own way and cling to it in every brief, or get by until the holidays. Something about it all though, makes me desperate to assert my own hobbies and passtimes on a schedule that can't really bear it, because expert validation in this world is a long, long way away.

AKA I'm beginning to once again get frustrated and bored out of my socks by coursework! When will it all end?
When can I stop having dreams about amazing rivers I've never known and crews I've never worked with, about white soft powdery snow up to the waist on a special black run off the piste that I practically grew up on these past few years?

Anyway. Either I'll get the better of this or it'll get the better of me. There's always deferral as an option...

Sep 9, 2009

She's a Flapper

In a vintage fashion magazine.

Sep 7, 2009

A big red sore nose

The symptoms of a cold changing every day is definitely a good sign. Certainly it's evolving... I like to think it's being thwarted daily in its attempts to conquer me and forced to new and exciting frontiers of battle in its futile struggle for existence.

That's what I LIKE to think.

The Secret Project.

Also I'm binding little bits of paper within metcards, in order to test out different methods of bookbinding and which of these will best serve me in an upcoming brief.

Little books.

- - -

Tomorrow: 2 x A2 cardboard papers for my little lantern, and scouting some materials for the cover of my (upcoming) book. Whichever method I use to attach the pages in this volume, I ideally want to make a cover out of a nice thick tactile cloth. Either I buy this, or cut up an old pair of jeans that lives on my shelf in unceasing hopes of one day being properly repaired (I botched it once with non-stretch patches...)

AHH if only we had a sewing machine that wasn't foot-operated!