Mar 31, 2010

chinese food indigestion

Gallipoli Aus!

Baby Eng & Wales the monster kids

Aus Outfits: Brunswick (Melb), Bondi Beach (Sydney), Roadworks man.

Aus looking smart! Start of a sino/aus relations comic.

NASU girl. Kind of based on Yume Nikki.

Yeah. What I wouldn't give to have enough time (again) to do more than this... baaad underlit photographs of stuff that's going on in my lil' sketchbook and elsewhere. Am not dead, but perpetually engaged in homework. Shall be on my easter break soon though~!

Mar 17, 2010

Learning Japanese

Learning Japanese vocab
Trying to remember my vocab sheets with the aid of hetalia.... lol. Probably it's not working...

Mar 15, 2010

look ma, no keyboard!


yasashii uta wa sekai wo kawaru


I believe in indexed colour...

Mar 8, 2010

Busy Busy Weekend

Had some lovely fun times this weekend~

After homework frustration, spent the best part of a day on DA [here] and finished pictures, made up new pictures and filled out some requests.

AND! Went to my first (and possibly last) day of work at a dodgy little cafe near my house.
AND! As major thunderstorms wreaked havoc in Melbourne we drank champagne, played cluedo and watched DVDs of Midsomer Murders in front of a wood-log fireplace.

SUCH a nice day to spend indoors. :>

Now all the homework and chores and freelance stuff must be caught up with. *SIGH*

If you're curious:

Reading a book.

I think that one finally let itself be finished after the benefit of hindsight and leaving things alone for a few days when they're not progressing.

Mar 4, 2010



Mum's birthday & new timetable blues have conspired to make things eternally slow-going in the drawing department.

Oh that's right, I'm doing a Design degree n' shit... totally slipped my mind. :/ :/

3rd or 4th colouring attempt.... just not feeling it :/ this is the best yet though.

Hmmyeah. Occasional flicking through feedback on DA - I feel kinda happy & excited about a ton of Hetalia stuff that I planned to do, so much so that I'm thinking of doing sketches for it during lecture periods. 1st week, they won't miss my attention. ...:>

Mummy turned 50! Looking lovely & enjoying life & all, and I'm happy to appreciate all the champagne that accompanies such a momentous occasion.

Mar 3, 2010

Back to School

Girl with her Computer. 

It's a return to frustrated and intricate lecture note doodles!

Working on projects & reopening the Study Blog that I started using Blogger with... in order to better keep track of my assignments & research.

Also ARRGH suddenly there's all this stuff to be and do and organise and I can't waste 5 hours of each day slowly whittling away at my next artistic concoction.

Shame for education! Shame for all the reasons I'm doing it, too! Buuut oh well. Whatever interesting things come up I'll keep you (as this blog) posted.