May 5, 2011

Hahahaha....comeback dump

It's taken months, and another bout of AGIdeas to get me off my lazy bum and to the computer. Not even to DO anything... just to blog about it. Lol

Have I been busy? Have I not been drawing? No, not really.... well, not much until recently. But I feel very bad having not put what I HAVE done here, as I always meant to do.

I have some other great ideas buzzing around my head for blog-like projects, and a website maybe too, but I think CD will always be a place just to put stuff.

None of these are fanart though. 


 Maybe that's why I haven't opened my blog in such a long time...

Also! Because of AGIdeas, I once again have a set of AGIdeas notes. Mostly just names of speakers and tidbits I found worthy of being written down.

Anyway. I thought about doing a blog all in pen, since it's my all-time favourite medium. Maybe one day I'll finally find time for it. In the meantime my priorities are:

- Save money for Japan!
- Make some self-promotion stuff / get a bit more professional
- Find my missing/stolen Ipod (or prove difinitively that it's out of my hands....)
- Anything else
- School

As you can see, school is right up there. Also for projects (and this is VERY tight...):
- Finish EASTER mailout (due tomorrow)
- Finish MUM'S DAY booklet (due sunday)
- Some more PORTRAITS for FB
- Annual Report brief progress
- Professional Practise logos & speech work
- Typo 3 brief progress
- Anything else

HRM. Back to work~