Oct 18, 2009


Bins Behaving Badly Series.

Some of the images for my 2nd photography project. Once I get to scanning the 1st photography projects for my visual diary, you'll get to see those too.

2 more weeks & 4 more projects

...and then I'm home free!

Thanks largely to money issues, I won't be going to Japan this year over summer holidays though I haven't ruled out going SOMEWHERE. Another reason was I thought I'd spend a bit of time getting creative and buffing up my portfolio and skills base.

To that end, ever since the weekend of October 9th (when I went to SemiPermanent) I've tried to draw something each day, and keep that drawing for refinement into a little book which should be filled up in a month's time (I guess.)

I've so far refined 2 drawings and collected 8 that roughly correspond to the output of these past 8 days.

To the left, the final refinement of October 9. To the right, October 15th.

The corner of my desk belonging to crafty things.

Two uni projects in progress.

I got to make a lot of very traditional books these last few weeks and it's been tons of fun. Now there's 2 weeks with 4 deadlines to meet (one of them tomorrow), so we'll see how it all works out. As long as I keep my D average I'm a happy girl. :)

Oct 12, 2009

Heroes in Casual Clothes

A bit of red-pen drawing got done. :)

I'm trying to find a really efficient way to drop out red underlines in photoshop... I know selecting colour range isn't the way. Finished that beast of an illustration project with some tacky "deep" linear burn filters for a little extra intensity.... might put the underlying portrait here, providing it doesn't look dreadful on closer examination.

It seems a lot more gets done on all those projects when there aren't silly classes to get in the way.

Oct 11, 2009


I read & loved Banana Fish over last weekend, look forward to hearing more from me on that. Been chasing the government, my potential exchange university, teachers and students while assignments have been chasing me.


View out of my grubby window. The neighbour's front yard is how I tell the time of day & seasons while staying in bed.

Some of my workspace. Stuff piles organically here. I swear off coffee and drink tea when I want to get down to hours of serious work (for the lesser caffeine hit.)

Book Leather, Mull & Endpaper arrives.

- - -

The last one was for a project in which I made... a book. It didn't turn out as neat as I imagined, more like saturated in PVA and sticking precariously out of the spine.

Illustration just ain't coming to me... *sigh*