Aug 23, 2009

Something Funny

The Beatles's "When I'm 64" to the image of a septuagenarian Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love in a nursing home. Drinking tea. :)

Planning my amazing route of activity across the span of the city after classes, culminating in the presentation of photography assignment 1 (of 2). Conversely, I will now only be able to play the DS while in transit.

Aug 20, 2009

Amateur Photographer

Spring is in the air... as the weather finally fines up (for the most part).

A quaint little mailbox.

The mysterious workings of the tree doctor...

Powerlines and Trees,

A lovingly framed Cherub, and

An abandoned block of land.

- - -

All from my Lettersearching homework this week. When I find the entire alphabet I'll be sure to tell you all about it.

Spending time drawing on the theme of "I don't draw much anymore..."
One day I might just share it with you!

Aug 10, 2009

The Asexual Being.

He lives, absolutely disinterested in and unneeding of sexual gratification. But that means he doesn't touch people, ever. It's an excellent thing to be, except for when it's not. I guess?

I liked his posture.

He is now the signature image up in the ^ sidebar up there, hovering.

- - -

It's peaceful, flicking through the CSS and tinkering to make the page look how I want it.

That's 5 years of assistant webbuilding experience for you. Why couldn't I have been a waitress?

Identity Theft

Makes sense, right?

Photo Processing

Question: why do they call it photo processing in 2 hours when in practice everywhere you go they tell you to come back in 2 days? I asked if that was as fast as they could do it, because I needed it in time for class... he gave me this look and "cut me a deal" to closing time the day before. Thank you, artsy monsieur. :/

The teacher sprung a get-quality-lab-prints day on us and there's no way I can take those photos and have them developed in time. Not to mention I can't really afford to buy film, use film and then have 2-3 rolls of it developed every week. I just ain't rolling in it. :/ :/

OH GOD I wish I didn't need money for everything. least the vodka was duty-free.

Hand-rendering & Hand-kerning Letters

2 x 4 hour studios weren't nearly long enough.

First 4 hours: Draw up lines & hand-render the letters of your name, 10 x each letter, in two different fonts. Try to be as true to those fonts as possible. We had references but had to basically scale them up with no rulers. Try for 10 x each letter x each font. I have never regretted forgetting my mechanical pencil so much.

Last 4 hours: Choose the best of those letters & ink them. Then hand-kern (space) your letters to best possible effect.

I spent like 3 hours just inking the perfect letters.... then speed-kerned my alphabets.

Inked genius.

You can see my crazy white-out and lineup attempts here. HOOHAH.

Aug 8, 2009

Schoolie APH

Ahahaha. This was one of the ideas I cooked up while I was trying to come up with an ID pic for DA's APHetalia club's competition.
I had this scrap of paper lying around the desk for a while waiting for a scan.
The countries as like, "Boarding School Drama" kids of typical character tropes.

China was like the aloof martial arts dude, England was the punk rebel dude (coz he is, y'know), France was the bishounen, Russia was the Gentle Giant... America was the most fun, because drawing him I immediately thought of those awful know-it-all straight-laced kids that don't have the decency to be self-conscious about it.
He'd just be loud and righteous and... yeah, anyway.
Ita-chan was just a handsome Cloud Cuckoolander.

Himaruya's Italy has rekindled my passion for all things Italian! Namely, men! Except the fact that they're incredibly hairy (or so my sources tell me), they would be the ideal lovers. Unless of course they're Semi-Naturalised Australians, in which case the weird-ass cultural pride thing would totally drive me nuts.
I'm acultural. Culture-pride myths, especially ones so drastically different and unrelated to peoples actual origins... can't you just see the absurdity? D:

Is thinking about signing up to an NPO to improve scholarship chances a bad thing?

People in Glass Houses shouldn't Throw Stones.

Does it make sense from the image? :/ :/

1st Illustration assignment was thrown together in Photoshop. When you can whip up a coherent, purposeful project with a few hours the night before, that's when you know you're proficient at a program. *Digs around for InDesign*

Aug 7, 2009


You said it!

The Lady-proportioned Cuban Communist Guerrilla was once a sizing chart for ordering clothes on the internet.