Apr 19, 2010

As the clouds move in

Been at project work all day... while listening to internet radio. While my own music playlist would take maybe a month to listen through, I do get tired of my own music... I find constant news chatter is the best company for long-haul projects, unless you need to write prose.

List of company on long-haul projects, any time of day or night
ABC Newsradio, great news & bits from NPR / BBC but the news update every 15 minutes gets annoying...
While ABC Melbourne 774 has a bit more local flair & some great presenters. The graveyard shift guys are funny as...
BUT! When I get sick of my own country's constant cycles of news stories, I move abroad:
BBC World Service (UK)
NPR News (USA)
Radio Canada International (CAN)
Deutsche Welle (GER) who do the afternoon news here on SBS...
Great thing about the English language is it's everywhere. So if you need droning newsvoices with constant, interesting conversation to keep you company, why not try some completely far-away country's English language service news for a change?


Also can't help but notice what with 8 hours of news propping me up but:

If only the wind blew the other way...

GAWD, education. :/ :/ :/ :/ you wake up some days and realise a whole month's just gone.

Apr 12, 2010

I had a job in the great north woods working as a cook for a spell...

It's actually a bird, diving.

Looks like a blue line in orange lines though, doesn't it? Problem: Colour theory states that warm colours are closer. But oh well... it needed to pop.


A sweep is as lucky as lucky can be~

'scuse the double-posting. Haven't decided really how to separate postings, anyway....

SO SO SO. Term begins afresh in about 9 hours. It's terrible isn't it? even though I didn't get all the epic things done that I planned to do (due to a small case of SOCIAL LIFE and a large case of GAME/NET/WANGST getting in the way) I'm still kind of happy, sorta, kinda, discovering some stuff that I've seen people do and being endlessly fired up by the stuff I see out there. Mainly through being routinely made to feel totally worthless next to some uhmayyzing people! XD That's all good.

Butt hurts. Too much Tropes. XD gawd... time to sleep.

Apr 8, 2010

Autumn cold is here~

Autumn coming.
No tablet. Facebook graffiti feature. :>:>

Apr 7, 2010

watching deutsche welle

loll~ drawing little Morties everywhere & otherwise enjoying Easter w'end. Got to get a stack of work done before uni kicks back in again though, boo hoo. Where did the last 2 -3 days go, anyway? 

Apr 4, 2010