Dec 14, 2010

Also ouija finished


More Gym Leaders

FINISHED. APH x Poke crossover?

HRM actually the lines took insanely long on it... and so did the colours (went through 4 color refs to find a good one)... and the filter party afterwards.... I'm kind of honoured that people like it, but I spent AAaaaages with it, always stopping to think, "Do I give up at 'okay' or keep going till I find 'good'?" So I kinda feel it deserves love. Though, you can see signs of my struggles in the messy colours, lol.

A seedy lookin' morty. HURHUR. Takes you back to the teenage years doesn't it?

After sleeping in till midday (like I always do these days), I dropped friends AND work just to have some private time with my graphic tablet. Finally.
Head buzzing with ideas, and there's only so much time before you die to get them all onto paper, dopey though they might be. It's scary and sobering, really.

ALSO Terry Pratchett is awesome, and owns pretty much my entire adolescence AND English education.