Jun 15, 2012


Hiya guys...!

It's been ages huh? It's funny how when you're busy enough for three people you always find time to blog or draw or other things like that, but when you have time to yourself you always waste it...

Anyway I've had a few different plans for what I wanna do but one of them will be to build a new blog (one about words more than pictures) and sort of revitalise this one. after trying other formats like twitter and tumblr and that but in the end, blogspot is still my favourite format...


The proudest thing I've done recently is working on a design for an arts organisation (still unfinished) where my friend is a member, and doing a mural on the wall of my friend's cafe. That I wanna show you guys, seeing as I have some new photos.

Mural! Including coffee flowers and coffee birds and coffee beans, everywhere....! And also portraits of all the staff...

I'm kinda happy with it, although it's taken a while and it's still not finished (cos I need a ladder to get to the top of the rest of the wall). It's a collaboration with some other talented artists, some of them classmates of mine, one of which contributed a good 40-50%: Brian, who's a pretty talented guy.

In fact all of my classmates are really talented in one way or another, and most of them are doing more about it than I am. Even my semi-estranged dad chewed me out about it, hahaha.... time to get my act together!

I'm also thinking of leaving cards out like this: