Jun 13, 2009

~ Magic Mushrooms and Ships Sailing in the Snow ~

Or in other words...

I wish my projects were that impressive. I have the feeling they would have been MUCH better had I not left myself with 1 week (or about 2 days) in which to produce the both of them.

These are the final projects for Photoshop & Illustrator class.
For my final hand-in, I chose to print them at the library since I had a Library Print card but not an Arts Design Computer Lab print card, and wasn't interested in organising the latter just for one assignment. And therefore had to print graphics files through computers with no graphics programs....

Basically using Windows Printing Wizard.


At least I managed A3 and Colour, but only AFTER the prints did I realise there was a resolution setting. Having only enough left of my last $10 (each print is $3 for A3 Colour) to reprint once, I chose to up the resolution in the Digital Alchemy print on which I'd spent more time anyway....
Meaning the Mushrooms I handed in for the product design brief were amazingly orange, and showing subtle signs of bad-res printing when I deliberately kept the box images smaller than needed to comfortably fill an A3 page... just so I could keep resolution crisp. Just hoping here that the teachers will check out my digital files and see what a good girl I've been.

I hate that the subtlety of colours on your monitor is just never going to translate to ink, or anyone else's monitor for that matter.


After a good 7 years of working and playing in it, I am through and through a Photoshop girl.

More amazing weekend projects of wanton illustration coming up in the far-near future!

- -

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