Jun 5, 2009

~ Sloops and Buccaneers ~

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Is this picture I put together at the completion of Treasure Island, the original book by Stevenson. I love some of the stuff you can find on our old bookshelves.
If you don't know this story, chances are you know this story. Everybody does, it invented just about every pirate trope you could think of from peg legs and parrots to treasure maps with "X" marking the spot.

I never realised, having experienced this story umpteen times through the way culture tends to recycle good stories that capture the imagination, that Doctor Livesey was such an awesome guy. Not only does he not even blink when that old pirate is having a drunken fit at the old Benbow, but many times after he proves to be cool and collected through 7 kinds of hell.
It's kind of exciting to read a book of "coming of age" that involves a kid fixed squarely on his moral path, going about his heroics with self-conscious bragging and positioning at a minimum. What a not-cringeworthy guy!

Anyways, I got carried away enough to fill a whole page and thus far I'm at the lining stage. The colouring just seems too daunting to start (lol). Note the missing leg and cross-eyes!

+ Ode to Treasure Island +

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And on a finer aesthetic note, when the 1750s are discussed mention must be made of the lovely fashions of the time. Breeches with socks tucked underneath, jackets and knee-length coats and most importantly those fine silver wigs!

Surprisingly enough, they still have to wear those in court in most Commonwealth nations, including expatriate Hong Kong. Just so you know.

Lorem Ipsum is a revered legal text...

In that vein, here is Phoenix Wright & Miles Edgeworth talking in full legal Commonwealth Barrister attire. Hard to tell without their signature hairstyles, but You get the idea.

Judges get a full-length curly mop, too! Our bald judge would love that, I'm sure.

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