Aug 8, 2009

Schoolie APH

Ahahaha. This was one of the ideas I cooked up while I was trying to come up with an ID pic for DA's APHetalia club's competition.
I had this scrap of paper lying around the desk for a while waiting for a scan.
The countries as like, "Boarding School Drama" kids of typical character tropes.

China was like the aloof martial arts dude, England was the punk rebel dude (coz he is, y'know), France was the bishounen, Russia was the Gentle Giant... America was the most fun, because drawing him I immediately thought of those awful know-it-all straight-laced kids that don't have the decency to be self-conscious about it.
He'd just be loud and righteous and... yeah, anyway.
Ita-chan was just a handsome Cloud Cuckoolander.

Himaruya's Italy has rekindled my passion for all things Italian! Namely, men! Except the fact that they're incredibly hairy (or so my sources tell me), they would be the ideal lovers. Unless of course they're Semi-Naturalised Australians, in which case the weird-ass cultural pride thing would totally drive me nuts.
I'm acultural. Culture-pride myths, especially ones so drastically different and unrelated to peoples actual origins... can't you just see the absurdity? D:

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