Oct 18, 2009

2 more weeks & 4 more projects

...and then I'm home free!

Thanks largely to money issues, I won't be going to Japan this year over summer holidays though I haven't ruled out going SOMEWHERE. Another reason was I thought I'd spend a bit of time getting creative and buffing up my portfolio and skills base.

To that end, ever since the weekend of October 9th (when I went to SemiPermanent) I've tried to draw something each day, and keep that drawing for refinement into a little book which should be filled up in a month's time (I guess.)

I've so far refined 2 drawings and collected 8 that roughly correspond to the output of these past 8 days.

To the left, the final refinement of October 9. To the right, October 15th.

The corner of my desk belonging to crafty things.

Two uni projects in progress.

I got to make a lot of very traditional books these last few weeks and it's been tons of fun. Now there's 2 weeks with 4 deadlines to meet (one of them tomorrow), so we'll see how it all works out. As long as I keep my D average I'm a happy girl. :)

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