Oct 11, 2009


I read & loved Banana Fish over last weekend, look forward to hearing more from me on that. Been chasing the government, my potential exchange university, teachers and students while assignments have been chasing me.


View out of my grubby window. The neighbour's front yard is how I tell the time of day & seasons while staying in bed.

Some of my workspace. Stuff piles organically here. I swear off coffee and drink tea when I want to get down to hours of serious work (for the lesser caffeine hit.)

Book Leather, Mull & Endpaper arrives.

- - -

The last one was for a project in which I made... a book. It didn't turn out as neat as I imagined, more like saturated in PVA and sticking precariously out of the spine.

Illustration just ain't coming to me... *sigh*

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