Apr 12, 2010

I had a job in the great north woods working as a cook for a spell...

It's actually a bird, diving.

Looks like a blue line in orange lines though, doesn't it? Problem: Colour theory states that warm colours are closer. But oh well... it needed to pop.


A sweep is as lucky as lucky can be~

'scuse the double-posting. Haven't decided really how to separate postings, anyway....

SO SO SO. Term begins afresh in about 9 hours. It's terrible isn't it? even though I didn't get all the epic things done that I planned to do (due to a small case of SOCIAL LIFE and a large case of GAME/NET/WANGST getting in the way) I'm still kind of happy, sorta, kinda, discovering some stuff that I've seen people do and being endlessly fired up by the stuff I see out there. Mainly through being routinely made to feel totally worthless next to some uhmayyzing people! XD That's all good.

Butt hurts. Too much Tropes. XD gawd... time to sleep.

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