Jun 30, 2010

Espresso Coffee


I wanted to continue in the vein of my Chimneysweep pic, maybe make a series... so I thought a bit about what other professions I could cover. It's not exactly traditional or representative, but I couldn't help thinking of Coffee Baristas, people who make Espresso coffee.

It actually really surprises me that in America (and other places?) Coffee is just this filtered watered... thing. Here in Melbourne we (thanks to our Greek & Italian heritage) take pride in taking our espresso seriously, and taking it European.

The range isn't quite as expansive, the drinking culture is different and the names are too, but I gotta say... Melbourne makes a mean coffee.

These Baristas, the magic men behind their magic machines, are the epitome of the cool mystique of these hospitality places. I actually have 1 day's training in making espresso... steaming the milk and all that. XD So I know what it's all about, man.

Anyway. I inched away at it last night (while watching Gone With The Wind... I'm one of life's Scarletts *SIGH*) and more today but didn't have the energy to go to colouring stage.

Some colour refs I'm hoping to use.

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