Jul 4, 2010

And no you can't have my number, coz i lost my phone

Two different texture renders. 
PHEW. Well there were a few things that I struggled with with this... actually, IDK, I feel like pictures aren't taking me nearly as long now (must be all my slave work toning, which I've selfishly done with the same splodgy style as I do everything else). Which is good! I make snappier choices faster & have a faster turnaround.

I decided to make that picture above mostly Green & Brown. That's the colour scheme of our family house (plus white) and I thought it'd be a nice change. I don't ever use green much, really... had about 3 pics in a row that were all blue-yellow? HYEAH.

Anyway I finished them in two ways, one with a halftone filter applied to a flattened version of the whole image, at 70% transparency or so, the other with the usual paper texture that I've been using lots of lately.
Problem with the paper is it just looks good multiplied, you don't want to use it any other way... and that means the colours get darker.
Not a problem with most pictures as my colours tend to be pretty light & vibrant (I err on the pastelly side if anything... coz my screen is quite dark.) But this one lost some of the whites that it needed, like around the lightbulb... so I did the halftone thing.

I really like the poster feel of old paper texture, but, idk, halftone filter is so much more vibrant. I was gonna switch the DA edition to paper just a moment ago but stopped myself.


What's been taking up 80% of my time? This. 

Although, now that I know it's all that urgent, I'm open to not spending 5+ hours every day working away at it... work ethic! Don't abandon me now!

Now that the story is written, I keep having these ideas about how to expand/explore the characters and this is also bad. It gets to where you see more there than there actually is, and can't look at something fresh.

 ALSO! Sigur Ros is awesome.

ALSO! Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name is doubly awesome!

Leaving you with a quote from Dylan Moran...

Lady: Oh look at those men. One of them is trying to DOsomething...

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