Aug 10, 2010

10 things

10 things that I would rather be doing than designing letterheads:
  1. Drinking
  2. drinking for free
  3. eating cheesecake
  4. Dancing
  5. getting high
  6. yakiniku party
  7. getting paid
  8. making comixxx
  9. snowboarding
  10. correcting people on the internet

10 things I would rather not be doing, than designing letterheads:
  1. cleaning bathroom scum
  2. listening to annoying people
  3. going through chemotherapy
  4. studying for Japanese test
  5. trying to get somewhere on public transport
  6. getting centrelink to pay me money
  7. dying in a vat of acid
  8. haering my first Justin Bieber song
  9. listening to my employers argue
  10. having to pay for things
10 things I did today instead of designing letterheads:
  1. pet the cats
  2. look up music videos on youtube
  3. look around facebook for something to comment on
  4. bit of inking on illustration project
  5. think about my new haircut
  6. eat orange cake
  7. refill my teapot
  8. braid my hair
  9. tell the cat to get stuffed coz i needed my lap to work
  10. ponder deeply about what to have for lunch & when to have it

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