Aug 7, 2010

Collecting Input / doodles

An update about all the stuff that I've been doing the last couple of days, besides running around after deadlines...

Pretty much all of it can be summed up by listening to lots of new music, feelin' the CRAZY BUZZ and.... MGMT.

I am unrepentant, or at least not COMPLETELY repentant. Also more of the boys from That Oneshot that is still in inking progress as we speak (tab on the LEFT actually tells you how far I've gone with it, and helps bring me a sense of achievement!).

I've started up a secondary blog, because we had to for school. This is pretty much the INPUT, or a link log for everything I find (usually on the internet and atm, music vids) that inspires me.
So I will put all my OUTPUT on this one, namely illustrations, designs, etc etc etc.
Ima give the link on my sidepanel for my own reference.

Come to think of it I might make a list for my school projects too, and make me stay on top of it...

Man my scarf smells like I've been to yakiniku, and I don't know why, because I was eating vegetarian last night. :/

SOOooo anyway
Quotes/drawing during a design talk | Flash Delirium Video dudes, from when I first saw it | They're just so young, angry and shirtless, yaknow??

URF I'm too lazy to de-line them. Should I get a planner with no lines? I probably should.

School stuff:

Thumbnails for bookcover series where a HAND represents fear. Somehow.


INPUT BLOG: Minty Xylitol

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