Aug 3, 2010

Time to Pretend

SOoo... PFWOAH. Got back from 3 days attending Splendour in the Grass, which is a big musical festival. I was gonna really think about something to say about it, but then I didn't. I spent 6 days in QLD overall, driving around (sitting in the back seat while somebody else drove around) looking at beaches and enjoying the balmy weather and searching for crocodile burgers, which are a local delicacy.

Yes. In Australia, we EAT CROCODILES.

It was a discovering journey. I'll leave it at that until my brain recovers, lol... so I fell straight into the lap of four separate deadlines, looming up beyond the crest of next weekend in what promises to be a mad rush among mad rushes... and it doesn't help that I simply don't care anymore.

It's hard, when your life's just been about sitting in a car, squeezing through festival crowds and finding a not-too-dirty t-shirt in your suitcase. To put all those heaving weights back on your shoulders, pick up the trailing strings of all those things you're trying to follow up and make happen, all those things you owe people and all those things just beyond your reach. To get back into the gravity of it all.

And I got all these great ideas, on the buzz of extraordinariness, that I don't want to just stew there to oblivion like they usually do. A few nice chances and things that for a change I don't really want to let slip by.

I'm keeping myself in a flurry of activity that'll hopefully stave off the real comedown, when that shadow catches up with me.

SOOOoo, pictures!

What would happen when two OCs meet?

Two people I saw on a plane... with an Iphone and what should have been a LOMO camera, lol.

Also I got kind of a (maybe?) chance of being published in a tiny mag and I don't really know what to send them. I'll let that one stew away as well.

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