Dec 8, 2011

Getting warmer in Melb~

So I never thought the day would ACTUALLY come...

Somehow with every passing week at university, even though I could tick those weeks off and even though every day did actually bring me to the end of the degree, who knew that one day it would actually finish?

So all the due dates have come and gone, all the last minute disasters have been rectified and even the exhibition has ended in an anticlimactic disassembly of the showspace. And now life is back to normal. Where university used to occupy the front and centre of pretty much everything (much as I'd jostle for this to not be the case), now there's an empty space.

The shoulders feel lighter, it's true, but also that sense of purpose is gone. The design world is no longer on our doorstep and it's up to us now to drudge our way through the early, unexciting and unforgiving years of our chosen career in order to one day someday get to be and do something really worth talking about.
How many of us will stick it out 5, 10 years after starting? How many will follow our dreams, those tenuous things that we all feel we ought to have seeing as we have some sort of talent and all, to their natural conclusions? How many will fall short, or go beyond?

It's a tricky question. I'm glad in a way that university ends here in time for Christmas, because everybody's December is a mad mix of last minute rushes and businesses and the popping of the cork off of a year's worth of pressure heading into a slow and laid-back, leave of absence overseas vacation January.

So really I don't have to decide anything or (worse) do anything until February. Riiight...?

Anyway, in the meantime, I've done some portraits and things to keep my hands busy. Besides that I've been trying to figure out which platforms are the best for which of the things which I want to do.

10 people who could make it to my birthday party.
Besides that, it's all been doodles on the back of old faxes that I use as timesheets at the office. I guess in the end that's all that life is really about. Dream or no dream, we all gotta make a living...

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