Jan 14, 2010

Self-righteous Suicide

Hmm man. With the turn in cool weather I thought I'd be doing tons of art shiznit... but I haven't felt like anything. It's funny how when you finish some pictures you feel like "Yeah that's right", everything is sweet and you can't wait to chillax basking in the glory of your upleveled skillzors.
And others you feel all empty inside, like it just took a whole lot out of you just to colour & polish off that biatch and then... nothing.

Times like this you pray to the gods of the Internet for some pointless, timewastingly hilarious youtube video or image edit or obscure historical event to keep you occupied until sleep. And the internet shall always provide...
Protest Signs of 2009
Google Autocomplete Fun

- - -

Also I discovered the story of Yume Nikki the other day. It's amazing how people are just MAKING stuff these days... like Vocaloid. Back in 2005 some guy used RPGMaker to make a game about a hikikomori girl stuck in her unexitable room, whose dreams you get to navigate.
I haven't played it but it sounds surreal. I then spent an hour browsing dedicated imageboards and reading mile-long fanwank theories as to all the deep and significant things every smallest aspect of that expansive dreamworld was supposed to stand for in the ruined life of the protagonist.

Read about it here.

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