Feb 2, 2010


Poland & Lithuania - Pilot & Flight Attendant? I think my totally-ordinary-suit fetish is playing up again... XD

- - -

:/ :/ :/ My flash crashed yesterday on my work computer. Or rather it told me to shut down right now... while I was in the process of backing up my flash disk from my desktop. Result is both copies were 0kbed... and the last backup was on the work's server from that morning.

So! Two 10 hour days of playing catch-up and more and more work piling on!

Me, I'm a bit of a "Dou-M" so I enjoy this sort of thing. Gets you on your toes.

ANYWAY! After two more projects completely irrelevant to my assigned job landed on my desk and took up the afternoon I was going to use to finally catch up on the project work I lost, I drew a little something to keep myself company.

:> :> tried 2 things to colour it, 1 is thick lines (unless i "Craft" them they never seem to work {lazy}) and 2 is marker brush in SAI. Seemed to work like a real marker, only more forgiving of dryness... and you could erase it.

One day we'll all be gazing at the brushes in our painting software and wondering what crazy contraptions had originally inspired them. Happened with photoshop and its approximation of analog darkroom editing tools... none of it ever made sense to me. XD

*SIGH* work! The cafeteria lunches are fantastic though.

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