Mar 8, 2010

Busy Busy Weekend

Had some lovely fun times this weekend~

After homework frustration, spent the best part of a day on DA [here] and finished pictures, made up new pictures and filled out some requests.

AND! Went to my first (and possibly last) day of work at a dodgy little cafe near my house.
AND! As major thunderstorms wreaked havoc in Melbourne we drank champagne, played cluedo and watched DVDs of Midsomer Murders in front of a wood-log fireplace.

SUCH a nice day to spend indoors. :>

Now all the homework and chores and freelance stuff must be caught up with. *SIGH*

If you're curious:

Reading a book.

I think that one finally let itself be finished after the benefit of hindsight and leaving things alone for a few days when they're not progressing.

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