Mar 4, 2010



Mum's birthday & new timetable blues have conspired to make things eternally slow-going in the drawing department.

Oh that's right, I'm doing a Design degree n' shit... totally slipped my mind. :/ :/

3rd or 4th colouring attempt.... just not feeling it :/ this is the best yet though.

Hmmyeah. Occasional flicking through feedback on DA - I feel kinda happy & excited about a ton of Hetalia stuff that I planned to do, so much so that I'm thinking of doing sketches for it during lecture periods. 1st week, they won't miss my attention. ...:>

Mummy turned 50! Looking lovely & enjoying life & all, and I'm happy to appreciate all the champagne that accompanies such a momentous occasion.

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  1. This is lookin good! <3 Happy wishes to your mum!