Jul 21, 2010

Back from the Snow

And it was FUNNNnnn now back to work...

HFFFffff weird, ambiguous things are happening!

This page was released as a preview, so I guess I can share it here too.

I wish it didn't take me embarrassingly long to tone/text arrange.

But it does.

I guess it's taught me a good work ethic?

Sleeping At Last - Porcelain


  1. HEY YOU! :)
    thanks for that lovely comment! ;; <33 Blogspot really has a terrible reply system...actually it's non-existent. =/
    but i'll be stalking you here too now! ha ha ha <3
    i'm really diggin' this comic page!! Is it your original characters?

  2. HEeeyy! Yeah whoah how silly... you'd think they'd nest comments or something. '__' silly Blogger...

    Aanyway THANKS FOR DROPPING BY! It's original characters, I co-wrote the story with a girl called Nuu, she wanted to use my idea for an anthology she was invited to. She did the art and I'm toning & lettering it. WOOOOO hard work lol...