Jul 23, 2010

End of a long week!

I'm a bit of a cartoon.

Yaknow, I'm kinda happy that way! :> But I do need a haircut. I promise you next time me and the last Miyazaki heroine will be INDISTINGUISHABLE.

While I work on toning the pages of the one-shot for Adamo, which is what's taken up my time recently, I can't help but get carried away in the back stories for these characters who appear for maybe 2 or 3 frames.
This must happen a lot to people... I spend a lot of time on it or thinking about it, so it sticks in my head.

Then, while I'm slacking off at work, stuff like this happens. *LOL*

Actually, it's really NOT...

I kind of thought of Mr. Emohair confiding in possibly his only friend about his lovelife. In my mind, she somehow misinterprets that Emohair is sleeping with a HIPPIE STONER. Because she's a sassy little cat, she would probably say something like, "Oh you don't know where those girls have been. You might catch something."


YEA I KNOW! X> I really really wish I could do the deadpan Too Cool face that they all have. I can't draw ppl without personalities. XD XD


I was so tired the other morning in class that I couldn't stop drawing bags under eyes. But somehow his face grew into this weird sleazy smile... enjoy your free cartoon cigarette, mr. Featherweight Champ!

Damien Rice - Delicate

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