Aug 31, 2010

And speaking of lists...

Did anyone else have to read that strange book "The Listmaker" in year 7 English? We all unanimously decided (in our herd mentality wisdom)that it was a terrible book, on account of it being almost a centimeter thick. (YEAR 7!!)
Despite this it wasn't entirely a bad book. I felt my first pangs of intimidated, all-pervasive inferiority when a friend of mine at that time said that she actually enjoyed the book. I was intimidated because everyone else had decided they wouldn't, and yet she was sure about her honest feelings towards it, and comfortable with those differing from the majority of the 12 year olds around her. It was kind of awesome, in the traditional sense, like amazing and scary and profound all at the same time.


How to Find out a Classmate's Name
  1. Ask a Friend
  2. Ask someone you've seen talking to them
  3. Listen when the roll is called
  4. Check the roll to narrow down possibilities
    (If roll is illustrated, +10 points)
    (if roll is out of students' hands, -10 points. check Unit Mailing System for names)
  5. Facebook search the possibilities
  6. If profile picture is ambiguous, double-check against count of friendly mutuals
  7. Friend friendly mutuals
  8. Google possibilities
  9. Listen out for name in conversation (auxiliaries can be a boon in this)
  10. Just admit you don't know, and ask them.

Procrastination Techniques, August 2010
  1. Dinner
  2. Pretzels
  3. Mundane Facebook posts
  4. Rewatching of youtube links you've been sent
  5. Personal Hygiene (ie. Shower)
  6. Vacuuming
  7. Pondering whether socks feel dirty enough to be changed
  8. Checking email, FB, every website you're a member of for messages to reply to
  9. Pondering deep & meaningfuls like life, career, and why your mother never taught you to sit still & work for hours at a time

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