Sep 6, 2010

In Lieu of Proper Work

I had a neat little 5-day weekend full of awesomeness that included, among other things:
  • An hour of impromptu (and epic) campfire-worthy storytime with a uni lecturer after class
  • 3 hours wasted in the uni pub talking about a lot of fun nothing
  • People-watching in QV while getting weird stares for my ski jacket & giant snowboard case
  • A road trip in which lovely company had to substitute for the broken radio
  • Sleeping with a giant hairy teadybear
  • 15+ runs at Buller, including a miniature ravine effort, moguls, 45 degree slopes and a lot more Goofy confidence
  • Moonlight road trips to the cinema (an hour away) and an altogether not disappointing showing of Tomorrow When the War Began 
  • A 7 am bus back from mansfield that took me to Melb in time for 7 hours at the office
  • A good night's sleep, cake & coffee followed by doing good friendship deeds
  • taking ESL kids out to see Crocodile Dundee at ACMI (their viewing rooms = free, and awesome!)
  • Tim Burton, 1000 pound cafe nihongo meetup, followed by
  • Busking Strategy 101, bogan dinner hour at Crown Casino, height competitions @ the Lounge, a weird korean hangout joint and the mother of all competitions of anti-skill at the pool table
  • Joints cut with Earl Grey tea? Epic and painful kpop karaoke, guitar sessions on the State Library steps and the most disgusting Hungry Jacks I've ever seen
  • A collection of sleepers curled into the glass windows near platform escalators at Flinders St, a long D&M with near-perfect strangers and snooze on the benches while waiting for trains to start running
  • a LONG sleep, comfortable afternoon reading with soup, the induction of our new coffee plunger and 2+ hours of TinTin DVDs!
PHEW. This one's for the records.

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