Aug 23, 2010

Sunday Work

US & Canada, of APH, and a skit from Colbert Report.

| Julia, Tony & Enough Rope from the Aus electorate.

Errr re-levelled this & added texture coz it looked a bit washed out...

HRM been feeling very political this weekend. Finishing the last work on Adamo while eating chocolate, watching back episodes of Gruen and Chaser, unwinding from the spin with some Daily Show & Colbert Report. Thankyou IVIEW for making it all available at my fingertips!
I used to prefer John Stewart but Steven Colbert's done a few really good ones recently. They're both lovely, really. John should watch his weight.

HMM so I'm gonna teach myself to draw things that aren't cute, spongy cartoons at some point. Again. From scratch. Look forward to it!


  1. everything you draw is so amazing!!<33 I love your style!

    hahaha oh man! I LOVE John Stewart and Steven Colbert! They're both fantastic! (you should really read Colbert's book I am America, and so can you! if you haven't already. It's BRILLIANT!)

  2. HAHAHahahaha man blogger comments are useless :/ why no threading? Thankyouuu~~ yeah lol I was really keen on John's book too, A guide to democracy in action? MYEAH. Don't know that it's readily available in Aus though. I love their banter together, too. CUUUUTE, no other word for it! XD